Our Discipleship Strategy

We help one another know and follow Jesus by the power of God, through the Word of God and the people of God. 

  • The power of God: We depend on the Holy Spirit to lead and equip us in all areas of ministry from teaching, to serving within our church, to serving within our community and abroad. We believe we can do nothing apart from the power of God.  
  • The Word of God: All the teaching in every OTC environment, from the youngest kids classroom to our corporate worship service, is gospel-centered and Biblically rooted.  We believe the Bible is one unified story that points to a glorious God and His plan to rescue and redeem His sinful, broken people by sending us His Son Jesus Christ.  God’s Word teaches us who God is, what He has done to save us, what His plan is for our lives and how He calls us to live as disciples.  We believe knowledge of the Word of God is foundational to an active, growing personal relationship with God. 
  • The people of God: We believe we were created by God to be in a biblical community with one another.  God uses us in each other’s lives to make us more like Him.  The essence of Biblical Community is a group of people who are committed to practicing the biblical “one anothers” in each other’s lives.  Our desire is that Biblical community is the essence of all of our interactions with one another – from Worship Services, to Small Groups, to Equip Classes, or just cups of coffee with friends!